She remained indeed there up to departing for the twenty four Sep to help you conduct convoy escorts having DesDiv fourteen

She remained indeed there up to departing for the twenty four Sep to help you conduct convoy escorts having DesDiv fourteen

Expenses The latest Year’s Go out 1941 from the Washington, the fresh watercraft stayed within Navy Lawn in the process of authoritative checks up to taking underway into the 13 January to own Yorktown, Virtual assistant., to arrive later on one day. With the 15 January, Madison moved on so you’re able to Norfolk in which she remained up until 20 January when she got started to own Charleston, S.C., getting together with the woman destination the following day. Shortly after two days truth be told there, she endured out to possess Guantanamo Bay Bay. To arrive to the twenty-six January, she remained simply a few days, since the motorboat considered anchor one to exact same day and shifted to Culebra Area, Puerto Rico. With just a primary stay at Culebra, the new destroyer place a program to have Port de France, Martinique, in which she arrived a day later, twenty eight January. Brand new ship remained into the port at that French palms up to a dozen March, whenever she got underway to return so you can Culebra, coming in the following day. Madison stayed of Culebra performing knowledge up to pton Routes. Coming in into the 13 March, this new ship stayed around up to fifteen February when she got underway to own Newport. She showed up into the sixteen March and you can stayed indeed there up to 23 February whenever she got started to help you run the fresh new Cape Ann Patrol. She returned to Newport into 25 March and then moved on to help you this new Boston Navy Turf with the twenty eight February, where she remained until 23 April, when she returned to Newport. Pursuing the a little less than 30 days at Norfolk Navy Yard (munition and on 18 June got underway getting Plantation Apartments, Va., back into Norfolk later on you to same day. 24 hours later, 19 Summer, she departed bound for Charleston, S.C. where she turned up toward 20 June. Madison departed to the 22 Summer escorting the new battleship Ny (BB-34) to help you Naval Channel Argentia, Newfoundland, arriving around 5 days after. Leaving Placentia Bay inside her wake to the 30 June, she put course to own Boston, getting together with the girl destination towards the step 3 July. Kept there up to twenty six July, the fresh destroyer departed to help you carry out training and you may shifted to help you Newport toward twenty-eight July.

The merchant boats as well as their escorts reached Reykjavik to your 7 September additionally the destroyer stayed around until eleven September when she shifted to Hvalfjordur, Iceland

For the elizabeth date, Chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt embarked on hefty cruiser Augusta (CA-31), as well as the destroyer processed the latest presidential flagship because she continued so you’re able to Argentia. Brand new ships arrive at Motorboat Harbour, Placentia Bay, and you will secured for the 7 August, where in actuality the President awaited new coming of your battleship HMS Prince away from Wales, holding Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill to your Atlantic Conference. British warship showed up towards 9 August. After the completion of your meeting between them leaders, Prince off Wales departed on a dozen August. Madison, into the providers with Augusta, transferred to the newest seas regarding Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, then in order to Bluish Slope Bay, Maine, and Rockland, Maine, toward fourteen August. The next day [15 August], she endured from Casco Bay, Maine, and on 16 August, she proceeded so you’re able to Portland, Maine, before you leave the very next day, 17 August, to return to Argentia, where she showed up towards nineteenth.

Madison stayed in the Argentia up until 30 August 1941 whenever she departed into the organization with Destroyer Section (DesDiv) 14 escorting Norwalk and you may Merrimack likely getting Iceland

Here up until fifteen Sep she had underway together with DesDiv 14 in order to conduct anti-submarine patrols off Iceland. She returned to Hvalfjordur towards the 20 September prior to back once again to Reykjavik towards the 22nd.

From 24 Sep so you’re able to dos October 1941, the newest destroyer escorted convoys regarding the Northern Atlantic. These integrated To your-18 out of Iceland so you can Newfoundland (24 Sep–۲ October); HX-154 away from Newfoundland to Iceland (12–۱۹ Oct); ON-30 out of Iceland so you’re able to Newfoundland (2-9 November) when she saw good bleeding whale about wake away from a range costs assault accomplished to the seven November from the three away from her sister boats into the Activity Unit cuatro.step 1.2; and you can HX-162 out of Newfoundland so you’re able to Iceland (age for the a severe violent storm into the step 1 December you to definitely strewn the brand new thirty-five merchantmen to your resulting days. Towards U.S. declarations regarding battle for the December 1941, Madison operated having DesDiv fourteen and you will Destroyer Squadron (DesRon) eight attached to the Atlantic Fleet. She continued to perform convoy and you will patrol responsibility when you look at the North Atlantic oceans towards the 1942. Regarding 10-18 January, she escorted HX-169 away from Newfoundland so you can Iceland, then gone back to Newfoundland shepherding Towards the-59 (29 January–۵ February).

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