How to show the Documents in the Windows Start menu

Here, we introduce two free ways to capture everything on your Windows 10 and 11 PC screen. Follow the guides and make your screen recording with audio on Windows 10. Yes, unlike most similar desktop screen recorders, ScreenRec allows you to record your screen and computer audio. With ScreenRec you can also capture audio from your microphone. Since ScreenRec is a private screen recorder built on top of a business video platform, your screen recordings are encrypted and safe in the cloud.

  • Some specific brands of computers may enable you to enter recovery environment with specific keys (like ALT+F10 for Acer), which makes factory reset even easier.
  • OBS Studio is a free application for video recording and live streaming without watermark or time limit.
  • Microsoft did say the free offer ended in July of 2016.
  • Remain courteous and cooperative if approached and questioned by law enforcement officers.

Documents you put in these folders are accessible by other users of your PC, and by other computers on your network. Public folder sharing is a useful and easy-to-use way to share your files, but they are disabled by default. With iCloud File Sharing, you can share folders and documents in iCloud Drive with others. You and the people you invite can view and even work on your documents. The people who receive your invitation can click a link to download the shared folder or file from iCloud to any of their devices. If you allow others to make edits, they can change the files and you see the updates the next time you open the files on your Mac.

Apple politely explains why iPhone cases are a waste of money

The docker vmem process will not auto start next. Lots of laptops cost less than $500, but it’s hard to find a cheap one that doesn’t totally suck. If the screenshots are enabled in the workspace settings users will be informed that screenshot capturing is activated. Only genuine versions of Mac operating systems are supported.

More than 10,000 people enjoy reading, and you will love it too. Free video compression tool for old Windows OS versions. Easily compress and export videos in high-quality formats like 4k, 360 degrees, HEVC and HDR. 1-click video compression and video conversion feature. Now that you know the benefits of video compression tools let’s jump into our list of best video download from here compressors.

For a long time, these manufacturers printed product keys on labels stuck on PCs or printed and inserted them into product packaging. Microsoft’s product keys typically only work once, but hackers sometimes find workarounds to use the same key on multiple PCs. It would be best to have a valid product key or a digital license to get a free upgrade.

How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 Computer Using a USB Recovery Drive

This method works for fixing a variety of causes, including corruption and malware. If prompted, enter your local user password or get the administrator to help you. Depending on the state of your device, you can either attempt to fix the issue or save your computer from getting stuck in an infinite reset loop. Our methods will discuss all sorts of solutions fit for different scenarios. A variation of the same error can be seen in the screenshot above, where instead of the reset, errors come up when trying to refresh the Windows 10 system.

How do u put screen record on your phone?

Not exactly sure where things are not working from your description. You really shouldn’t use the root user for accessing shares over the network anyway, though it should work assuming you are only trying to access a share with Public access. Consumer Technology Management was formed to create synergy between PC, Mac and Mobile teams to unify and operationalize the endpoint computing strategy. CTM anticipates and implements technology across all device platforms so you can choose which device works best for you. However when I installed the new windows I could not see any of the drives.

Please note that if you did not copy the recovery partition when you created the recovery disc, the Reset Computer option would not be available. There are situations where you cannot reset the system to factory settings using this traditional method. Windows Defender is an integrated tool to help you with issues related to your computer. Its main purpose is to deal with malware, viruses, and other security issues, however, it’s often useful for other things as well. Using commands can easily lead to issues if the commands aren’t entered right. Simply follow the on-screen instructions in the restoration wizard to return your system to a past point.

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